Property ownership is deeply rooted in the personal ambitions of an individual, a family, or a corporation. When property houses a business, it is the physical realization of dreams that can take a lifetime or even several generations to build. When a property is a family home, it is an emblem of the achievements of the individuals who live there. Whether the property we represent is commercial or residential, we remain mindful that each one is the place where a dream has been launched or achieved through the determination and labor of our clients. 

Our representations include:


Large scale industrial facilities, such as warehouses, distribution, centers, water treatment facilities, private utilities, and manufacturing plants.


A broad range of commercial properties, including office buildings, restaurants, storage facilities, gas stations, strip malls, grocery stores, golf courses, hotel, and motel properties.

Residential Apartment Buildings and Developments

Multi-family properties, ranging from two-flats to apartment complexes containing hundreds of units. Including low-income housing developments.

Single-Family Homes

Single-family homes throughout Cook and Lake Counties including considerable experience with unique high-value residences, including one-of-a-kind condominium ravine and lakefront homes.


Condominiums ranging from three to several thousand units.

New Developments

We have appealed assessments for developers and builders with particular attention to complex valuation issues presented by partially constructed multi-phase developments.

Incentive Classes

Siegel & Callahan has represented property owners both in securing and renewing incentive classification in urban and suburban locations.

Time and Place are Critical to the Success of Your Appeal

During your property tax appeal, Siegel & Callahan may present it in several venues, including the County Assessor, the Board of Review, and the State Property Tax Appeals Board or the Circuit Court. Each has unique concentrations and strengths. The evidence we present must be addressed to the specific concerns of the venue.

Siegel & Callahan’s Community of Strategic Teams Ensure that the Best Evidence of Value is Used for Every Venue in which Your Case Is Presented

Many law firms’ work is reliant on the skillset of the individual who acts as a single point of contact for each client. If that individual is weak in a particular method of valuation, the client’s case suffers. By contrast, Siegel & Callahan’s work is coordinated by a community of strategic teams, each concentrating on a different method of valuation. Throughout the process of discovery, case analysis, drafting, and case presentation, the teams communicate with one another about which approach or combination of approaches to value will be most persuasive to the venue in which a client’s case is presented. 

Each method of valuation is reviewed personally by Siegel & Callahan’s most experienced and gifted professionals in that practice area. In so doing, Siegel & Callahan brings our very best talent in each subdiscipline to every single case we present. It also enables us to determine the very most persuasive possible argument for each phase of the appeal, whether we are presenting to the County Assessor, the Board of Review, the State Property Tax Appeals Board, or the Circuit Court.


Let us show you how our attorneys and experienced professionals can help you achieve the fair tax treatment that’s critical to your success.

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