Siegel & Callahan’s Response to Covid-19

During this period of high alert due to Covid-19, we at Siegel & Callahan remain hard at work on your behalf.

Although the physical offices of the County and State are closed to walk-in traffic, the administration of assessment appeals continues to move forward with the acceptance of documents and pleadings online.

Well-adapted for this shift, our offices have made the full transition to remote work, for the health and safety of our staff and our families. We remain closely networked online to facilitate the collaboration of our strategic teams and will continue our work on your behalf in the aggressive pursuit of equitable property tax assessments.

You can reach us individually by e-mail or by phone. General calls to our main line at (312) 629-0222 will continue to be received by our reception team. We will closely monitor the status of your appeals during this time and will reach out to you via phone or email as necessary. We will additionally keep you posted on the progress of your appeals as we reach each stage in the appeals cycle.

In the meantime, we wish you the very best. Stay healthy, safe, and secure.

Read our FAQs on Covid-19.