Laws are changing

The field of real estate tax is in a state of disruption. The practice of tax assessment is data-driven and requires not only comprehensive integration of data-management tools and analytics, but also a boots-on-the-ground understanding of what’s driving the application of assessment practice in your local government. Our client-focused and innovation-based approach to the practice of property tax law remains crucial to developing fact-driven appeals that are effective in ensuring fair tax treatment for your property.

A singular focus

Our firm’s concentration remains entirely centered on property tax appeals. Because of this singular focus, we are 100% committed to your appeal. Immersing ourselves in this area of law has propelled our work to the forefront of assessment practice. Working shoulder to shoulder with thought leaders in the field both in the private sector and on the government side for more than 40 years, we are able to give you, our clients, an advantage that is unique in this field of practice.

It’s personal

To us, “it’s personal” means we strive continually to engage the high stakes of property ownership. Through every phase of our casework, we never rush the discussions or factual explorations we have with our clients. Our discovery process remains fundamental to a thorough understanding of your case and essential to determining the key insights that we leverage for the success of your appeal. We are mindful that the key to critical insight into each appeal is fact-specific and unique. Whether commercial, industrial, or residential, real estate is inevitably the place where a personal dream has been realized or is itself the culmination of someone’s personal vision for themselves or for their enterprise. This understanding drives us to engage fully and personally at every level of our work.

Who we serve

Siegel & Callahan is a law firm concentrating in tax appeals for industrial, commercial, and residential properties. We serve Illinois, Tennessee, Texas, and Florida. Our collaborative team of lawyers and real estate professionals offer leadership and guidance across the spectrum of real estate property including:

Embracing complexity

Clients seek us out because we embrace the complexity of property valuation across the spectrum of real property. With our collective years of experience representing developers, landlords, investors, and homeowners, we are comfortable navigating complex valuation issues, changing laws, regulations, and shifting administrative practices, while always remaining on trend with market and industry developments. We do all this so we can deliver the best to our clients, and further our commitment to the aggressive pursuit of equitable tax relief. Some firms advertise on the basis of their success rate. We feel this emphasis is misplaced. Certainly, our goal is to win each and every case we appeal and our numbers are among the most competitive in our field. However, firms that “curate” their success rate and avoid difficult cases to preserve their numbers are often denying themselves the challenges that bring the experience required to handle complex and, we would argue, rewarding work.

Strategic teams

Unlike many law firms that favor client relationships which pivot around a single lawyer, we put you at the center of a dynamic collaboration of lawyers and strategic groups, each focused in a sub-specialty of our valuation practice. We believe that, when representation is overly dependent on the skills or experience of a single individual, the casework suffers. Based on the facts specific to your case, we call together teams specializing in the issues unique to your appeal to work collaboratively on your evidence and analysis. Sometimes, this means clients work with two or three people on their appeal rather than just one – sometimes causing surprise to some of our clients. However, over time, we have found that the extra involvement consistently drives superior outcomes. Our strategic teams’ workflows ensure that the lawyers and staff who are most experienced in each of the sub-disciplines involved in your appeal personally craft and review the appeals work for your case. That way, every single client we represent receives the benefit of the best talent and the deepest knowledge available in our practice.