Property Tax Appeals: Commercial

Understanding What Makes a Property Unique

Fair taxation and equitable assessment are essential to the viability of every type of property. Management and control of the property tax burden is critical to the ongoing success of a property and the ventures it contains—whether its an 80,000 square foot industrial plant, a 540-unit apartment complex, or a small shopping center.

To us, “It’s Personal” means we strive continually to engage the high stakes of property ownership. It’s critical that, through every phase of our casework, we never rush the discussions and factual explorations we have with our clients. Our discovery process is fundamental to a thorough understanding of your case, and essential to determining the key insights that we will leverage for the success of your appeal.

Among Thousands of Appeals, Yours Has to Stand Out

With ever-increasing online access to the appeals process, the volume of assessment appeals has reached unprecedented levels. The growing number threatens to strain the resources of the County and State Venues at which professionals, government analysts, and administrative law judges consider and decide property tax appeals.

With hundreds of thousands of appeals filed annually, it is critical that the case we present is exhaustively thorough, and the presentation of the facts are communicated concisely and persuasively.

At Siegel & Callahan, our attorneys and experienced professionals are accessible and approachable. We encourage one-on-one discussions, where we discover the critical facts that support your appeal and make it uniquely compelling.

The breadth of knowledge and range of experience shared by the government analysts and administrative law judges who hear your cases is both comprehensive and deep. For your appeal to be memorable and persuasive, it’s vital that the presentation of your case is a thoroughly researched, clearly presented, and powerfully fact-driven narrative.

Property Tax Appeals: Residential

Drive, Focus and Care

Siegel & Callahan, PC brings a level of persistence and diligence to residential assessment appeals that’s hard to match:

  • Comprehensive analysis of assessment data
  • Thorough consultation regarding market value with top industry professionals
  • Individual attention to the details of your appeal, and
  • The persistent pursuit of your case through every available venue at both the County and State levels

The result is the most aggressive possible representation of your claim.

Invested in Your Appeal

At Siegel & Callahan, we are fully invested in the outcome of your case. Some law firms and tax consultancies charge an upfront administrative fee. These fees should alert you to the possibility that they may not be fully committed to the success of your appeal. Instead, they may be covering the administrative costs associated with losing a percentage of the cases they file.

At Siegel & Callahan, unless we succeed in reducing your assessment, there is no charge for our services. We are committed to the success of every appeal.