Understanding What Makes A Property Unique

Fair taxation and equitable assessment are essential to maintaining the viability of every type of property. Management and control of the property tax burden remain critical to the ongoing success of a property and the ventures it contains—whether it is an 80,000 square foot industrial plant, a 540-unit apartment complex, or a small shopping center.

To us, “It’s Personal” means we strive continually to engage the high stakes of property ownership. It’s critical that, through every phase of our casework, we never rush the discussions or factual explorations we have with our clients. Our discovery process is fundamental to a thorough understanding of your case, and essential to determining the key insights that we will leverage for the success of your appeal.

Siegel & Callahan’s representations include:

  • Commercial — For many commercial rental properties, real-estate tax remains the single largest operating expense. Diminishing this burden not only augments the profitability of an asset but also has a direct and immediate effect on the stability of the existing tenant population, the asset’s attractiveness to potential tenants, and underwriting assumptions. For corporate-occupied and owner-occupied commercial structures, reducing the assessment burden is a key determinant of profitability.
  • Industrial — Assessment appeals for industrial properties often require a multi-layered approach to valuation, combining market analysis, income capitalization, vacancy rates, and valuation of substantial non-real estate assets at the county and state levels or in the Circuit Court. With spiraling labor costs and recent slowdowns industrial market expansions, it remains critical to optimize asset value by controlling the tax burden.
  • Shopping Centers — Commercial retail remains in a state of unprecedented disruption. The progressive trend toward e-commerce away from brick-and-mortar retail centers suddenly has accelerated the near-total shutdown of non-essential commercial assets, especially in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Siegel & Callahan’s lawyers, real estate professionals, and strategic teams combine decades of experience as thought leaders in property tax assessment with concentrations in brokerage and lease advisory to local and regional stakeholders.
  • Multi-Family — In the current climate of disruption and uncertainty, aggressive management of the property tax is critical for the survival of multi-family assets across the valuation spectrum. Siegel & Callahan assembles the best and most comprehensive team possible for every appeal. Combining Siegel & Callahan’s integrated team workflow and proprietary analytics enables us to leverage market data to anticipate valuation trends in every region where we practice.
  • Residential — Siegel & Callahan began single family work when owners of commercial and industrial properties we represented approached us to appeal the assessments of their homes. Our mission was to offer the same comprehensive thoroughness to the assessment of homes that we were already known for in our industrial and commercial practice.
  • Affordable Housing — Because affordable assets are subject to non-market restrictions and limitations, a more nuanced understanding of income capitalization is fundamental to the aggressive pursuit of equitable tax treatment. Let the combined experience and collaborative focus of Siegel & Callahan’s lawyers and real estate professionals show you how effective thorough and rigorous treatment of your affordable property can be obtaining the tax savings that are critical to the success of your enterprise.
  • Incentive Class — Siegel & Callahan possesses the acumen and experience to navigate successfully the matrix of regulatory compliance and municipal support required for favorable treatment under incentive guidelines. Our representations span the spectrum of incentive classification, including commercial, industrial, multi-family residential, historic renovations, and affordable housing.

Among Thousands of Appeals, Yours Has to Stand Out

The breadth of knowledge and range of experience shared by the government analysts and administrative law judges who hear your cases are both comprehensive and deep. For your appeal to be memorable and persuasive, it’s vital that the presentation of your case is a thoroughly researched, clearly presented, and powerfully fact-driven narrative.

With hundreds of thousands of appeals filed annually, it is critical that the case we present is exhaustively thorough, and that we present and communicate the facts concisely and persuasively.

At Siegel & Callahan, our lawyers and experienced professionals are accessible and approachable. We encourage one-on-one discussions, where we discover the critical facts that support your appeal and make it uniquely compelling.