Unprecedented Disruption Demands Unmatched Experience and a Drive to Prevail

Commercial retail remains in a state of unprecedented disruption. The progressive trend toward e-commerce away from brick-and-mortar retail centers suddenly has accelerated the near-total shutdown of non-essential commercial assets, especially in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Landlords find themselves navigating a rapidly shifting terrain of tenant-lease negotiations and governmental directives while simultaneously needing to leverage rental losses to reduce the tax impact of their property assessments.

Siegel & Callahan’s lawyers, real estate professionals, and strategic teams combine decades of experience as thought leaders in property tax assessment with concentrations in brokerage and lease advisory to local and regional stakeholders.

Keeping What you Have

For many regional malls, neighborhood shopping centers, and multi-tenant net-leased properties, reducing property tax to offset unavoidable rental loss is a critical centerpiece in the financial streamlining that supports the longevity of tenants who stabilize their assets. Our teams work in close partnership with landlords, acting as advisors on tenant issues, mitigating rent losses, and maintaining critical due diligence documentation for ongoing assessment appeals.

Deep Insight and Agile Thinking

Some assets reach an inflection point where conventional retail solutions are no longer viable, and commercial retail property must be repurposed. Our understanding of local market dynamics can help property owners at every phase of asset repurposing and redevelopment. Our aggressive pursuit of vacancy-based relief in the phased redevelopment of property and layered experience with incentive classification help minimize costs to ensure a successful transition.

Our experience with the commercial repurposing includes re-adaptation for a range of property types, including:

  • medical facilities,
  • educational institutions,
  • last-mile e-commerce delivery,
  • small-scale distribution and logistics, and
  • self-storage.

We understand the complex needs of landlords in the ever-changing environment of the retail industry. We leverage the expertise of each of our team members, lawyers, and real estate professionals to develop an integrated process to help our clients maximize the income-producing potential of their assets and achieve their goals. Whether you are a stakeholder in a neighborhood shopping center or regional mall, find out how we can help you navigate from unprecedented challenges to unparalleled success.