Piotr Kuczaj

Piotr Kuczaj

I have been Chief Technology Officer at Siegel & Callahan since 2012. On a day-to-day basis, I am called upon by the firm’s strategic groups to develop code for specific research initiatives. I also coordinate with both database development groups that design the data platforms on which our research and data management are built. Within the firm itself, I work with groups to develop process and workflow management tools to facilitate research and cross-communication between Siegel & Callahan’s strategic groups. Because our workgroups are continually engaged in a collegial competition to develop the best possible appeal strategy for each case, the software I build to keep groups abreast of each other’s research and insights plays an exciting role in crafting our best work.


In my life away from work, I am a pastry chef and enjoy surprising my friends and family with creative desserts that blend culinary techniques from different traditions. I am also an avid hobby board gamer.


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